Discover the heart of General Ulysses S. Grant

“I find that I love you just the same in Adams that I did in Sackets Harbor.”

–Newlywed Ulysses writes to his bride during their first separation as a married couple

(Author Patricia Cameron's favorite love letter quote)

“A thousand kisses for you. Dream of me.”

–Newlywed Ulysses writes to his wife.  Following their marriage, he began sending her "A thousand kisses" in his love letters.

The romance and marriage of General Ulysses S. Grant and Julia Dent Grant is one of the most significant relationships in American history. Without the love and support of his Southern belle wife, Union General Grant might not have won the Civil War.

Through her books, join Patricia Cameron and discover this incredibly important yet often-overlooked relationship.

“I am very far from having forgotten our promise to think of each other at sun setting.”

–Young Lieutenant Grant writes to Julia from lonely Camp Necessity on his way to the Mexican War.

“On this ride, he declared his love and told me that without me life would be insupportable.”

–Julia describing young Ulysses' proposal of marriage

​​As we remember the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, now is the perfect time to discover the passionate romance between Northern General Grant and his Southern wife.​

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