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"Unconditional Surrender" chronicles the courtship and undying love of one of the most important relationships in American history.

A sweeping romance which takes us from Julia and Ulysses' courtship in the woods of White Haven, her plantation home, to her dramatic role in the surrender of the South. "Unconditional Surrender" reveals General and Mrs. Grant as romantic, passionate and sexy. Drawn exclusively from first hand sources, including the letters of Lieutenant Grant himself, "Unconditional Surrender" offers the first in-depth look at how their love conquered all.

​"My Spiritual Journey with General Grant" is the first in a series of a real life mystery.

Author Patricia Cameron had never believed in the supernatural, but mysterious events led her and her family to accept that she was being guided on a spiritual journey. The result is a treasure trove of rich new insights into the life and heart of Ulysses S. Grant. Patricia was led on a wild adventure across​ the country, to over twenty sites relevant to the passion shared by Ulysses and his wife, Julia. Each trip included a magical moment that seemed meant to be, and meant to help Patricia solve the greatest mystery of her life.

"My Spiritual Journey with General Grant Part 2"​
Second in a series of Patricia's real life mystery.

With the love and support of her husband, children and her mother, author Patricia Cameron continues her journey to unlock the mysteries of the heart of Ulysses S. Grant.

"My Spiritual Journey with General Grant Part 3"​
Third in a series of Patricia's real life mystery.

           On August 22, 1848, handsome young Captain Ulysses S. Grant of Ohio wed his Southern sweetheart, Julia Dent, in a townhouse in St. Louis.  It was an evening wedding, and the scent of jasmine wafted in through open windows with the night air.
            It is my great joy to present “My Spiritual Journey with General Grant Part 3” in the month of August, 2013, 165 years after Julia and Ulysses were joined in matrimony, their long time dream come true.
            I hope you will enjoy learning more about their eternal romance in “My Spiritual Journey with General Grant Part 3.
Patricia Cameron


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